Dragon Con preparations

1. Get laundry done, pick out outfits, DON’T WEAR THEM UNTIL DC

2. Find notebook, transcribe notes from last year

3. Go through swag from last year, add books to reading list on Goodreads, throw away swag

4. Clean out Dragon Con bag, pack with notebook, pens, chapstick, BPAL, etc

5. Download app, double and triple book myself, have anxiety attack

6. Find friends on app, wish I could follow them all around, I obviously can’t do that and do what I want to do, have another anxiety attack.

7. Buy snacks to pack, 5 Coke Zeros, and 4 days worth of Twisted Doughnuts for quick grabby breakfasts

8. Freak out

9. Freak out more

10. Freak out, have anxiety attack


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