Back into the swing?

I’m involved in my story again.  I’ve mentioned before that sometimes I just need to set aside time, and go to some other place to make myself write again.  So last night, I wrote about 2500 words at Barnes and Noble. 

It was a sex scene.  A lesbian sex scene.  And while the characters I was writing were not autobiographical, there were autobiographical elements to the story that actually made it tough to write the hot sex.  I need to go back and re-work some of it, maybe adding some fluttering, heaving, and white hot cores or something.  We’ll see how that goes.

I think the story is sound, however, so if the sex is all I have to work on, that’s doable. 

This was part of my short story that is based on a character from the town before the main character shows up.


Also, I was reading Kim Harrison’s blog, where she posted a pic of her desk.  It’s a good deal neater than mine, even though she was bemoaning the mess. 

What I really picked up on, however, was her calendar collection and her description of how she used them. VOILA!  I’ve been struggling with how to maintain a sense of time in my stories, and this is just so simple, so obvious and brilliant that I stopped everything I was doing to start seeking calendars. 

Phantom, being the fabulous human being that he is, ran to the store and bought me a lovely calendar, and I’m going to try to map out the story so far, then progress from there.  This would also be a great way to outline your story.  Not by bullet points, but by dates.  It’s also helpful for noting when full/new moons would be in the story, and setting things temporally in line with holy days.  Since this is a story set in a pagan community, that counts.

So that’s my project for tonight.  I should work on taxes since they’re due tomorrow, but fuck it.  I’ll get them done tomorrow after work.  I owe anyways, so I may even file an extension.  🙁