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  1. Susan London Voll
    Susan London Voll at · · Reply

    I can understand having many projects and not enough time to do them but I have come see in my life if something is truly important to you , you will make it a priority in your life. As for your health I can understand it sucks to have health problems but, as Pagans we know energy is a big part of what happens in our life. If you give your health issues energy to be powerful over your life guess what will control your life? Take the energy that is put into procrastination into healing and take the energy that has been put into your bad health into your writing love you sister. LondonWolf

  2. Ciggy
    Ciggy at · · Reply

    You’re actually more consistent and succinct with your blog than I can ever hope to be. Wishing you the best of luck moving forward.

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